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SP ambulance service offers eminent medical and ambulance services. SP Ambulance Services started in the year 1995 and have continually delivered to the medical emergencies of many people for more than a decade. SP ambulance services started with the intention of providing instant services during an unforeseen event in anybody’s life thereby saving lives. Lack of emergency facility and adequate equipment to provide immediate assistance during a road accident or health related emergencies in a home were amongst the many reason for the start of SP ambulance services. With tactical drivers, equipped with knowledge of tackling the busy roads of Chennai, SP Ambulance has some of the best ambulance drivers on board. Taking pride in the service offered SP ambulance believes their job is a way to helping mankind.

Director Profile

SP Ambulance services have established a strong foothold in the life saving business of providing ambulance services. For more than a decade in the industry we possess hand on experience of understanding the challenges of commuting a patient or a victim of accident. In situations where a normal citizen would be clueless and helpless not knowing what to do, our ambulance services offer momentary solutions reliving you of your anxiety and burden. SP Ambulance Services offer not just a commuting service for patient or victims but it is a miniature hospital on wheels. Our team of professionals- drivers, physicians, nurses, administrative staff and ushers are all always on their toes rendering timely assistance. It is their promptness and quick decision making ability that sets us apart as unique ambulance service providers.

Vision & Mission

SP ambulance service aims at saving lives. Our vision is to reduce death rate by continually providing the assistance of a dedicatedmedical response team in a well-equipped mobile hospital that also doubles as an ambulance chauffeuring you from the place of unforeseen incident to the intensive care unit on time. SP Ambulance is driven to increase and improvise its ambulance services by implementing the newer methodoligies to make its ambulances a well-equipped miniature hospital


The unique selling point of SP Ambulance Services are:
Well trained drivers
Highly trained doctors and paramedics
Skilled support staff – nurses, anesthetist, physician
Well-coordinated profession who work in tandem with each other communicating effectively and efficiently

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